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Antenex - Laird Technologies Lightning Supressors

The Antenex Trapper lightning arrestor can prevent costly repairs to sensitive radio equipment due to high energy transients during lightning strikes. The Trapper limits surges to less than 45 volts in approximately 100 nanoseconds. A gas discharge tube changes from an open circuit to a short circuit in the presence of energy and voltage surges giving those surges a direct path to ground, thus protecting equipment. The Antenex Trapper is designed with a rugged housing and high quality plated brass "N" connectors. I also features a user replaceable gas discharge tube (LA350GT). The Antenex Trapper is available in three models: the LABH350NN and the LABH2400N both allow bulkhead mounting and connector pass-through and the LAIL350NN allows inline placement only.