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DPHX5102X VHF 5 Watt Digital-USED

MSRP: $2,035.00
Price: $1,350.00
You Save: $685.00 (34 %)
Item Number: DPHX5102X-USED

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USED DPHX5102X VHF 136-174 MHz, 5 Watt, 400 Channel, APCO P25 Digital Relm/ BK Radio Two Way Handheld Radio.  NEWAntenna, Battery & Chargers sold separately. These radios are in almost new condition, never used in the field.

The DPH's next-generation design means that functions and features are software-driven, which enables built-in versatility, flexibility, intelligence, and the potential for future enhancements along with inherent efficiencies that result in significant cost savings without compromising or sacrificing quality, performance, reliability, or durability even under the most demanding conditions.

400 Channels, 25 User Groups, 16 Channels per Group
136-174 MHz Frequency Range
5/2 watts RF Power
User-selectable Network Access Codes and/or Code Guards
Optional DES/AES Digital Encryption
Rock-solid Reliability
MIL-STD amd NIFC Fire Certification Specs
APCO P25 Specs
Easy to Use, Easy to Program and Customize
18+ Hours of Battery Life Between Charges
Exceptional Audio Quality
Weatherproof Design
Cloning Technology
FLASH Technology
Quick-Call and Automatic Call-Back

DPH Longevity and Factory Support Proclamation from CEO of Relm Wireless

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