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PW355VCH Charging Holder, KNG

Price: $129.99
Item Number: PW355VCH

Relm/ BK Radio:  KNG P150, P400, P500, P800

About the PW355VCH Vehicle Charging Holder; Cigarette Lighter Adapter

The charging holder have a custom made cradle with accessory plug adapter permanently attached to create a docking type connection. It works with or without the belt clip on back of radio. The holder works in 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles and comes with a cigarette lighter plug for direct connection to the 12/24 V power outlet in the vehicle. The charger works with Li-Ion or Li-Poly batteries. It provides rapid to trickle charging. The battery can also be charged separately in the holder (without the radio). The holder has a LED indicator to show that charging is in progress, red when charging and green when fully charged. The holder can be used in commercial vehicles, personal vehicles, public agency vehicles, emergency vehicles, utility vehicles, etc., and mounts to any flat surface or mounting brackets such as vehicle dashboard mounts, floor mounts, pedestal mounts, handlebar mounts, table stands or walls.

Holder Specifications

Dimensions 89 x 63.5 x 25.4 mm / 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
Weight 0.15 kg / 0.35 lbs
Cable Length 100 cm / 3 feet

Charging Specifications

Lithium charging is based on CVCC (Constant Voltage Constant Current). The charging procedure is as follows:
If the battery is empty or has low charge a constant current charges the battery until the cell voltage reaches 8,4V. The LED emits red light. Hereafter the charge continues until the current goes down to 0A. The battery is now full and stays fully charged. A special designed voltage controller is monitoring that the cell voltage is within limit. The LED emits green light.
If the battery is used without disconnecting the charger, current is supplied directly resulting in a fast recovery.
Battery Chemistry Li-Ion or Li-Polymer
Input Voltage 11-30 V
Charging Voltage Up to 12.6 V
Timer for Max. Charging Automatic, stops at 12.6 V
Max. Charging Time 2-3 hours depending on battery capacity
Rapid Charge 1.2 A +/- 5%
Trickle Charge 0-50 mA
LED Charging Indicator LED Red to Green indicator
Temperature Control Controlled by battery
RoHS Compliant Yes
Input Transient Protected Withstands +150V & -450V. A 2,5A fuse is mounted on the incoming supply
Output Short Circuit Protected The charger will supply a maximum current of 1.2 A which protects both the charger and the connected equipment