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PW982478 Charging Holder, P7100

Price: $129.99
Item Number: 982478

Features and Benefits

  • Always keep your battery fully charged
  • Rapid and trickle charges radio
  • Overcharge protection
  • LED indicates charging status
  • Works in 12 and 24 volt vehicles
  • Custom fit to hold radio securely
  • You can charge just the battery alone in the holder
  • Works with or without belt clip on back of radio
  • Charging cable with cigarette lighter plug permanently attached to holder
  • Provides dock type connection and one hand operation
  • Attach to wall, dashboard or any type of vehicle mount
  • Made of high grade ABS plastic
  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden

Charging Specifications

  • Input voltage: 10-30 V
  • Max. charging time: 80 min
  • Fast charging current: 650 mA
  • Trickle charge: 6% of maximum fast charging current
  • Restart: Possible. Only with an exact number of cells
  • Battery voltage: 7,5 V
  • Number of cells: 6
  • Serial diode in battery: Yes
  • Quiescent current: 50 mA at trickle charge
Always keep your battery charged with this high quality Swedish made Two-way Radio Vehicle Charging Holder. It is custom made with a cigarette lighter cable permanently attached to it creating a dock type connection. It provides rapid and trickle charging. The battery can be charged separately in the holder (without the radio). The holder has a LED indicator to show charging status. It works in 12 and 24 volt vehicles. The holder can be used in personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, utility vehicles etc., and mounts to any flat surface, console wall or mounting brackets such as vehicle dashboard mounts, floor mounts, pedestal mounts.

Protect your investment and increase efficiency by always having a fully charged battery

General PictureProtect your investment in Two-way Radio products when used in a vehicle and make the Two-way Radio user as optimized and efficient as possible throughout the workday – don’t let the radio slide around in the vehicle unsecured and get damaged when it “crashes” into something. Don’t let the radio be out of battery in just a few hours and thereby limit the user’s and dispatch’s efficiency and communication potential.

The Vehicle Charging Holder has been developed to make the Two-way Radio user, who drives or operates in a vehicle, more efficient on his/her shift by always providing a fully charged radio easily accessible. A fully charged radio will prevent a breakdown in communication due to loss of power. At the same time the user can keep the radio securely in their vehicle for easy viewing and access while driving. When the Vehicle Charging Holder is attached to the dashboard or vehicle mount it will also prevent damage to the radio because it keeps the radio securely in the vehicle compared to when it is left loose in the passenger seat, cup holder, floor, tray or top of dashboard, and can freely slide around in the cockpit.

The Vehicle Charging Holder can be used in personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, utility vehicles etc.

Product Design and Features

The Vehicle Charging Holder is designed to charge the radio while docked in the holder when installed in a vehicle. The holder works in 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles. It has bullet style contact points built into the holder that connects to the battery contacts creating a dock type connection. The design allows for one-handed easy insertion and removal of the radio and provides a positive secure attachment when placed in the holder. The holder comes with overcharge protection and a LED to indicate charging status. It is designed and manufactured in Sweden of high quality ABS plastic.

The holder does not block any ports or buttons on the radio and it can easily be viewed and operated by the user when the holder is attached in the front of the driver in the vehicle. The holder is recommended to be attached directly to a flat surface on the vehicle dashboard or console wall, or to any type of vehicle dashboard mounting bracket such as a ProClip dashboard mount or a floor pedestal mount or flex mount. It can also be attached to a side wall or back wall in the vehicle but this will limit the accessibility, visibility and usability of the device and thereby limit some of the benefits of the product.