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Antenex Laird Antennas and General Information

Antenex Laird Technologies vehicular land mobile radio antennas are the industry standard for public safety agencies, fleet and transportation networks. From 27 MHz to 5.8 GHz, Antenex Laird Technologies designs and manufactures a wide variety of mobile antennas with a multitude of mounting options. The patented whip-less Phantom® and Phantom Elite® low-profile antenna family has no equal with true field diversity performance. The patented technology utilizes dual polarization for unsurpassed performance in urban canyons as well as rural drop off areas. Laird Technologies also offers traditional mobile coil antennas, value conscious quarterwaves and A-base products with superior workmanship and design features. A wide array of specialty antennas including dual bands, elevated feed point and wide band models are also available. Tuf Duck® portable antennas have been the standard for two-way radio applications since their introduction over twenty-five years ago. Multiple cable options, connectors, mounts and bracket products provide a complete antenna system.

Antenna Ordering Guide 

BB4505CNS =  B-Mobile Load Coil, B-Black Chrome Finish, 450-470 MHz, 5 dB Gain, C-Closed Coil Collinear, N-No Ground Plane, S-Spring

Antenna Style       B = Mobile Load Coil

Finish                    Blank = Chrome B = Black 

Frequency             Initital frequency rating component of part number 

Gain                      Blank = Unity (Lowband Models)  0 = Unity 3 = 3 dB 5 = 5 dB

Phasing Coil         Blank = Straight Rod C = Close

Ground Plane        N = No Ground Plane Blank = Ground Plane

Spring Option        S = Spring Option

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Antenex Antennas and More

The number one brand of antennas in the industry is the Antenex Laird antennas brand. Their antennas are useful for boosting the signal for any time that you are in a vehicle and need to have an external signal beyond what is available; when you are in a heavily wooded area with poor reception, or in any instance where the terrain might interfere with the signal; or when you will have to go underground where reception is virtually null.

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