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KNG-P150 CMD VHF 6 Watt, Digital

Price: $2,713.00
Item Number: KNG-P150CMD

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KNG-P150CMD VHF 136-174 MHz, 6 Watt, 5000 Channels, Digital/Analog  BK Radio Command Version with Keypad.

Command Version: Command features available for the VHF P150 radios only. The commands are Tier3 radios with 2048 channels and trunking plus Dynamic grouping with unlimited command Zones with up to 200 channels per group. This radio is the whole shabang! It has every available feature that the KNG Series has to offer. 

Enhanced Control Lock: Radio programming software now allows specific radio controls to be locked out when the control lock function has been activated. Users can selectively include any of the following to be included in the control lock function: Keypad, Side Buttons, Emergency, Toggle Switch, Collar Switch, Channel Knob and PTT. 

Command Zones: Radio programming software allows any radio zone to be designated as a Command Zone. A radio user in the field can then populate any command zone with channels from other zones in the radios. Command zones provide a user in the field the ability to quickly build a new zone as appropriate for the current incident. 

Battery Options: KAA0100 Li-Ion Battery 1950 mAH, KAA0101 Li-Ion-Ion Battery 3600 mAH, KAA0100IS Battery Pack Li-Ion 1950mAH Standard Intrinsically Safe, or KAA0120 "AA" Clam Shell Battery Case Orange. 

Legacy Cloning: The new KNG-P Series portable radios will clone to/from the legacy DPHX/DPH-CMD/DMH Series radios. This will enable direct field implementation of the KNG portables, in conjunction with the legacy DPHX, DPH-CMD, and DMHX radios that are currently in service with the US Forest Service and all DOI and State of CA and Nevada agencies. (Requires KAA0701 Universal Cloning Cable) 

Continuously Rotating Channel Knob: For users desiring the ability to select more than 16 channel positions using the radio channel knob, the KNG-P150CMD transceiver is available as an option. Similar in operation to most mobile radio channel selector switches, this allows for a dynamic number of channels per zone. When the selector reaches the last channel in the zone, the radio can automatically reset to the first channel with an audible tone, or an optional soft stop can be programmed. Radios with the 16 channel position knob still allow more than 16 channels per zone. However, channels 17 and above must be selected using the radio keypad. 

Frequency Range/ Power:  VHF 136-174 MHz, 6 Watts

Submersible:  IP67 water immersion rating; 30 minutes at 1 meter depth

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