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PWBKR0300 SMART BKR Rapid Charger

Price: $89.95
Item Number: PWBKR0300

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PWBKR0300 **NEW UPDATED SMART**  Endura Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger compatible with Relm/  BKR5000 Radios. Charges battery with or without the radio.

  • BKR5000
  • BKR0101 Compatible Batteries

■■ All models charge Li-Ion, LiPo, NiMH, or NiCd batteries based on pod selected.
■■ Advanced charging technology prevents over-charging, while providing automatic recharging when a radio remains powered on.
■■ Provides cold and hot battery monitoring and other important battery advisements (see Status LED Information on back).
■■ Replaceable charging pod allows EC chargers to be updated for future use with other radios.

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