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KAA0303-1 Smart Conditioning KNG Charger

Price: $133.00
Item Number: KAA0303-1

KAA0303-1 Single Bay Intelligent, conditioning Charger for KNG-P Series. Wall Charger and DC Vehicle Adapter included

  • Multi-function intelligent battery charging system
  • Includes a built-in, backlit, two line LCD display indicating batterys charge or life condition information
  • Automated adaptive reconditioning capability to optimize battery cycle life and maximize talk time
  • Multi-chemistry charger: NiCad, NiMH, Li-Ion and Li-Po chemistries
  • The charger can be powered by wide range AC inputs (110 240v AC) or DC inputs (14 24v DC)
  • The radio can be on while in the charger and be used in receive mode
  • The charger can charge both the Intelli (smart) and non-Intelli type batteries with or without the radio attached.

Compatible with the following batteries:
    • PW0100, PW0101
    • KAA0100, KAA0101, KAA0103
    • KAA0100IS, KAA0101IS

      • KNG-P150, KNG-P150S, KNG-P150CMD
      • KNG2-P150, KNG2-P150CMD 
      • KNG-P400, KNG-P400S
      • KNG2-P400, KNG2-P400CMD
      • KNG-P500, KNG2-P500, KNG-P800, KNG2-P800 

LCD Display Information
      1.  Battery ID type (Smart or Standard battery).
      2.  Current battery status such as charging, discharging, calibration, etc.
      3.  Battery capacity (rated capacity and current capacity).
      4.  Battery voltage while charging and at completion of charge.
      5.  The batterys unique serial number, part number, chemistry and date of  manufacture.
      6.  Battery charge and discharge cycles, service
      7. life and current battery temperature.