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Kenwood Two Way Radios

The Kenwood brand of two way radios is best known for its efficient, sleek design. Kenwood has been acknowledged all around for the world for consistently providing quality handheld radios that are preferred in many Government agencies and industries. Kenwood offers a line of commercial portable radio devices and Kenwood two way radios, which have come to be known as a truly cost effective choice in many circles.

The most well known line of two way radios that is currently being offered by Kenwood is rivaling other brand names, including Midland Radios and ICOM radios. This brand is called ProTalk, and it is touted as the right tool and the right choice for many groups, businesses and industries. There are four primary industries that are being targeted by this brand of Kenwood two way radios: Construction workers, Hospitality, Education and Retail. Individuals and groups looking for tough, long lasting and flexible communication solutions are urged to explore the Kenwood brand and their extensive line of two way radios and other wireless communication products.

Midland Radios

Midland Radios

Midland Radios are a popular choice in some circles, and is regarded by many as an industry leader when it comes to wireless two way communication, as well as numerous other products. Midland is also known for providing weather and hazard alert radios, which are a popular choice in many industries including Construction, Police and Fire. Midland offers not only commercial grade solutions, but also consumer grade two way devices for families and friends who want to take advantage of this growing technology.

ICOM Radios

ICOM Radios, like the other companies mentioned, designs products for industry, business and government use. They work hard to create two way radios solutions for fire, police, public safety, security, retail, manufacturing, construction, education and hospitality purposes along with many other businesses and industries. ICOM sells not only small portable hand held radios, but also mobile vehicle mounted radios, equipment for base stations, and complete systems for communication as well.

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