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For the Motorola line of two way radio batteries, there is a trio of batteries that we offer: nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and primary Lithium Motorola batteries. The measure of a batteries performance is in its lifetime and maintenance. As some will develop a memory, which is a crystalline formation on battery cell plates, nickel cadmium lithium batteries are the longest lasting Motorola batteries. They will maintain their current levels for most of their life, although they do require exercising the batteries. A nickel based Motorola battery will require much more maintenance, as periodic charge, discharge cycles are needed to prevent battery memory. Primary lithium batteries do not require a charge can last for 10 years on the shelf. Maintenance of batteries for the Motorola line is easily kept up through the use of our battery analyzers, which will automatically charge and discharge the batteries to ensure long life.

Motorola Batteries

Now that you understand what goes in to choosing a Motorola battery, you should have better luck at figuring out which batteries are right for which applications. Most Motorola two way radio products use the same type of batteries. There are three basic batteries that can be used, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, and primary lithium. All three of these batteries are essentially interchangeable within Motorola two way radio products as long as the size and power level of the battery match the requirements for the particular radio. If you have any doubts about the Motorola two way radio that you own or which battery would be best for it, ask a friendly sales associate at your local electronics store, or contact Motorola directly. Choosing the right battery for your communications device can be the determinant factor in how long it lasts. If you care at all about the lifespan of your product, you will do your best to find the right battery from day one, and you will see the quality of the products that you chose shine through when your two way communication device gives you several years of good use as a result.