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PW-SA-TIPM Situational Aware EarTip

Price: $8.95
Item Number: PW-SA-TIPM

PW-SA-TIPM Situational Aware EarTip- Size Medium (Most Common)

This superior eartip is vented to allow background noise to pass through.  

It is outfitted with an acoustically transparent filter inside the tip which blocks moisture and debris from entering the sound port nozzle, thus protecting the integrity of the sound quality.

The PW-SA-TIPM is designed to fit on any acoustic tube headset (not included).  Made from heat conforming foam, the tip is designed to be rolled in user fingertips to shrink, placed in the ear where it will slowly expand, creating a snug and comfortable fit.

With its sleek, tapered shape, the ergonomic design provides easy insertion and stability in the ear canal.  Perfect for first responders, retail, hospitality and anyone else who prefers to hear what is going on around them.