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Two Way Radio Accessories

When you are equipped with a two way radio, the accessories that you purchase can provide you with significant added capabilities, and this could mean extra coverage distance, extra clear communication, extra power or extended battery life, and so on and so forth; all of which mean an extra tool that you can use to communicate with your business, within your industry, or with your teammates as you work to put out a fire, catch a fleeing suspect or rescue someone who is trapped or injured. Typical two way radio accessories include all of the following, but new accessories are constantly being released for two way radios as technologies are improved. Popular two way radio accessories include batteries, handheld speakers and microphones, antennas, chargers, carrying cases and many more.

Antennas are accessories that are used to greatly improve the signal, boosting the range of your communication device to allow you to communicate over longer ranges effectively. Not only do they extend your operating range, but they also make it more possible for you to use them in vehicles, underground, and in any other area where the signal could potentially be disrupted.

Handheld speakers and microphones allow for significant improvements in functionality without forcing you to manipulate the larger handset. While two way radios are small and compact by nature, handling them in an emergency can still be prohibitive. Carrying cases protect your two way radio when you cannot keep it in your sights, making it easier to transport and to keep with you at all times.

Batteries and chargers will greatly extend the operating time of your hand held two way radios, allowing you more time to focus on the things that are truly important. Keeping a backup battery on hand will help you keep your radio working when you need it most, and keeping a charger with you will allow you to ensure that your two way radio is always serving you.