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Vertex Radios

Vertex Radios

Vertex radios are designed primarily for industry, business and agency purposes, catering mainly to state and Government agencies including fire rescue, public safety, police, air traffic controlling and other similar industries. These types of radios offer their own level of sophistication based on the improved technologies that their products utilize, however in many ways, Vertex radios do not compare to Motorola two way radios.

Motorola Radios

Motorola's product line is advanced in numerous different ways, especially because Motorola is catering to a much wider audience by offering cost effective consumer solutions, and high end business and state agency solutions. By catering to a much wider group of people, Motorola is proudly displaying its capabilities as a premiere communications firm. Not only is Motorola known for producing top of the line two way radios, but Motorola is also at the forefront of the cell phone development industry, and the technology surrounding compact dry cell batteries.

Motorola Two Way Radios

Motorola radios are unique in their offering because not only do they offer Motorola two way radios intended for business, industry, Government and state agencies like police, fire, public safety and Government officials, but they also have a line of cost effective two way radios for regular everyday consumers. For this reason, friends and family members who wish to communicate in a way that is more cost effective than cell phone use can use Motorola two way radios to save a significant amount of money while still being able to effectively communicate with one another and within circles. Additionally, Motorola makes use of both communication bands. This means that most of their two way radios cater both to short distance communication (within two miles) and to long distance communication (over two miles). No matter what your needs are, or who you need to cater to, Motorola radios will work for you, driving results and providing accurate, flexible and easy communication.